‘Masters Of The Universe’ Tell Trump There Will Be CONSEQUENCES If He Ends DACA

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President Donald Trump wants to end DACA, the executive program launched by former President Barack Obama to offer temporary amnesty to illegal immigrants brought to the United States as children.

But Trump’s plans have alarmed business CEOs and tech companies who are warning the administration not to proceed.

Mike Allen of Axios reports that top CEOs “plan to be tough and vocal if Trump ends the policy.” A Silicon Valley tech executive called the proposal “gut-wrenching.”

“These are people who came out of the shadows, got jobs and mortgages — we see this as betraying fellow Americans,” the executive told Allen anonymously.

Supporters of Trump’s plan insist that the program is illegal and if supporters of the program should pursue a law change in Congress — not rely on the temporary fix authorized by Obama.

According to the New York Times, General John Kelly believes that ending DACA soon “makes little sense” although allies of the president see no reason to wait.

Trump promised during the campaign that he would end DACA on the first day of his presidency, but has since softened his position, promising to treat DACA recipients “with heart.”

If Trump doesn’t act, his administration faces a lawsuit on September 5 led by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions would have to decide whether or not to defend the law in court. As a U.S. Senator, Sessions was a seasoned opponent of illegal immigration repeatedly warning his colleagues not to do the bidding of the wealthy “Masters of the Universe” who wanted more illegal cheap labor.

(via: Breitbart)

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