House Democrats Pushing Bill To BAN All Semi-Automatic Weapons

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A group of Democrats are trying to steer Anthony Brown’s bill on pistols into law. The Make Identifiable Rounds Obvious (MICRO) Act which entails all guns being able to have the capability of stamping a code on ammunition is closer to reality.

The idea is that it will be illegal to sell a gun that doesn’t not have this technology in it. The reasoning is that it will help identify the shooter in a gun crime; they point out that almost 40% of murders are not solved because of lack of evidence. But this is ridiculous. Less than 20% of crimes are committed by legal gun owners, and the vast majority of people who use guns in a crime obtain the gun illegally!

This is all about taking away the right to arms and the right to privacy. If the technology exists to imprint each bullet fired, then the technology exists to fake it too.

This is a pernicious bill that will be the thin end of the wedge in taking the guns out of the hands of free citizens whilst doing nothing to either slow or stop actual criminals.

Democrats are continuing to push their anti-gun agenda by supporting a piece of legislation that would make it mandatory for pistols sold by licensed dealers to stamp a code on the ammunition when fired. In other words, every semi-automatic gun on the market today without that technology would be banned.

Many folks supportive of the Second Amendment are speaking out against the measure calling it cost prohibitive, unreliable, and say it serves no safety purpose.

Guns is reporting, A dozen House Democrats are backing a measure mandating pistols sold by licensed dealers be capable of stamping a code on their ammunition at firing.

Introduced as the Make Identifiable Criminal Rounds Obvious (MICRO) Act last month, the proposal would strip the ability of federal firearms licensees to sell pistols that do not carry the controversial microstamping technology. Backers argue that as much as 40 percent of murders go unsolved due to lack of evidence, which the bill is meant to address.

“We must do everything we can to ensure gun violence can be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” said the bill’s author, U.S. Rep. Anthony Brown, D-Md., in a statement. “Microstamping offers law enforcement the chance to track bullet casings to the source of the crime, and is one more step we can take to ensure the safety of the American people.”

Brown’s measure, entered as HR 3458, prohibits FFLs from manufacturing, selling, or transferring semi-auto handguns, unless they are capable of microstamping ammunition. Though California adopted a microstamping requirement as part of their 2007 unsafe handgun modification requirements, implementation was delayed until 2013 when California Attorney General Kamala Harris announced the technology had passed hurdles that kept it from being viable.

Lawrence Keane, senior VP for NSSF, says that the “technology is unreliable, easily defeated and simply impossible to implement.”

According to Keane, the technology right now simply does not allow the imprinting of a legible, unique identification code on cartridge case heads.

There are all sorts of problems with this idea, but one that seems to stand out is what kind of risks are posed by illegible coding on a bullet casing to a person’s individual liberty? And besides, this assumes criminals are buying guns from licensed dealers in the first place.

The vast majority of crimes are committed by unlawful gun owners. Less than 20 percent of all crimes are committed by legal owners.

Even if the stamp on the casing is legible, there’s an 80 percent chance the owner of that gun didn’t commit the crime. Sure sounds like this bill is another way to infringe on our right to bear arms.

(via: Freedoms Final Stand)

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