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This NY ‘Art Dealer’ Just Set Up a 20-Foot Inflatable Trump Rat, Then Makes HORRIBLE Joke

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A 20-foot-tall, inflatable depiction of President Trump as a rat loomed in Washington, D.C.’s Dupont Circle neighborhood on Tuesday afternoon.

As the world found out about the increasing death toll — including the loss of a veteran police officer killed in the line of duty — the activists joked about how the work coincided with Hurricane Harvey.

“Too soon?” one chuckled.

The pair of jokers, standing alone in the rain, argued their work represented what they called “The great desolation,” seemingly unaware of the irony, or juxtaposition of the phrase when compared with actual desolation in other parts of the country right now i.e. Texas.

The depiction of the President as having a “ratty personality… not like the loyal rat, more like the bubonic plague rat” as the lead “artist” told me, gives perhaps an insight into the priorities of the political left.

“His wife is wearing stiletto heels [to Texas]… he’s wearing bright white sneakers,” they argued, when I suggested the timing was poor.

To be fair to the pair, they did argue you “can’t really pick your timing” when performing these stunts, because you have to get a permit from the city. No, I suppose not. But you can choose not to undertake the proceedings when the nation is concerned with its fellow man.

Anyway, they argued, “we have to stop hating because he’s going somewhere… tweeting about other shit all along… I’m not gonna buy that, that’s pretty dangerous”.

I don’t know about dangerous. I do know about basic dignity and compassion though.

The main man in charge — John — is apparently an “art dealer” from New York whose hilarious antics appear to have been thwarted by Mother Nature on two fronts: the weather in Washington, D.C. is scarcely conducive to passers-by posting selfies. Indeed the weather in other parts of the country highlights the apathy the “resist” movement has towards their fellow man.

But no matter. The First Lady wore heels when boarding Marine One.

That’s the real scandal.

(via: Breitbart)

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