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[VIDEO] Larry The Cable Guy Just Came Out and DESTROYED Every Trump-Hating Liberal With Just a Few Words

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Daniel Lawrence Whitney (aka: Larry the Cable Guy) was asked how he feels about our current president, and he answered as honestly as he possibly could.

He didn’t just give an opinion in support of President Trump, he gave reasons as to why he truly believes 100% that President Trump is going to succeed with flying colors as President of the United States. (Scroll down for the video)

Whitney explained that President Trump has put aside his own ego to get the job done to the best of his ability, sometimes appointing people he doesn’t agree with to positions because they’re the best for the job.

He also pointed out right from the beginning of his answer that President Trump is one of few people in politics who hasn’t bought his way to the top.

Anyone who knows about President Trump also knows that he decided to waive his salary as president, simply doing it because he knew it was what was right.

Whitney finished up by posing his own question. He questioned why someone would give up playing golf whenever they wanted to and spending time with their beloved family along with being liked by all just to get death threats in return.

This proves that President Trump truly does care about America. He wouldn’t have worked so hard to become president if he didn’t.


(via: Conservative Post)

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