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[VIDEO] Jeff Sessions Is Calling For a MASSIVE Crackdown on Marijuana Nationwide

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For Jeff Sessions, marijuana is certainly “not something to laugh about.”

The Attorney General is about as anti-pot as humanly possible. In June, he came before Congress, asking his peers to undo the federal medical-marijuana protections established by the end of 2014. As of today, those regulations have yet to change.

However, Sessions wrote letters to four governors in the past week, stating that he had “serious concerns” legalizing weed. He later claimed that the drug is “only slightly less awful” than heroin, a drug that is currently the leading cause of overdose in America.

Sessions went on to say that more than half of the medical marijuana grown in the United State is procured in the black market, something that only showcases the integrity of those who work in the legalization business. While twenty-nine states have decriminalized/legalized the drug, Sessions firmly believes “that good people don’t smoke marijuana.”

(via: Liberty Writers)

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