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This Single Tweet From Trump Just Cost Amazon Over $6 BILLION!

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President Trump has had significant influence with his Twitter posts. But no one imagined they had the power to lose someone $6 BILLION.

Lo and behold, that’s precisely the result of the president’s early morning tweet against Amazon.

While most of the nation was still sleeping, Trump was busy crafting a Twitter post targeting the online retail giant.

In it, the president argued that Amazon’s cut-rate practices were doing tremendous damage to small businesses and the American worker.

Immediately, and we mean IMMEDIATELY, Amazon’s market capitalization plunged by a whopping $6 BILLION.

Now, that kind of loss would have killed most companies. Amazon is still worth a mind-bending $460 billion, so they’ll survive.

But the incident demonstrated the enormous influence President Trump wields by being able to go directly to the American people through social media.

As to why he targeted Amazon, Trump has a long-running feud with the company’s owner, Jeff Bezos, who several years ago purchased the Washington Post and used it as a platform to attack Trump during the last presidential campaign.

(via: Conservative Post)

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