The Left Has COMPLETELY Forgotten What Bill Clinton Told N. Korea in 1993

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Democrats have such selective memories. They wail and moan over President Trump’s threats to North Korea, but conveniently forget what Bill Clinton told Pyongyang over 20 years ago.

Just as today, when Bill Clinton was president in the early 1990s, Kim Jong-Un’s father was looking to field a nuclear arsenal against the United States.

And while President Trump recently caused liberal heads to explode when he said he’d meet the North Korean threat with “fire and fury,” Clinton actually used even tougher language.

During a visit to South Korea in 1993, Clinton reassured our Asian allies that if North Korea acquired and used a nuclear weapon, America would “quickly and overwhelmingly retaliate.”

Clinton went even further: “It would mean the end of their country as they know it.”

North Korea responded to Clinton with a similar ludicrous brashness to that being spouted today against Trump.

But the point is that while North Korea may or may not pose a serious threat to America, it is the duty of our president to intimidate even potential enemies into backing down.

Obama might have forgotten that, but Clinton knew it, and so does Trump.

(via: Conservative Post)

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