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BREAKING: Russia Just Declared FULL-SCALE WAR On The United States After Trump’s Action

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Today President Trump was forced to sign into law a Congressional “sanctions” bill that also takes away his ability to negotiate with Russia, North Korea, and Iran.

Despite this being EXTREMELY Unconstitutional (the President was given this authority exclusively by the Founding Fathers), Congress passed it so overwhelmingly a veto was impossible. Well, with these permanent Sanctions in place, Russia took action to retaliate…

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev declared a “full-scale trade war” with the United States.

Medvedev posted to his Facebook an hour ago,

“First, the hope of improving our relations with the new US administration is the end. Secondly, Russia declared a full-fledged trade war. Thirdly, the Trump administration demonstrated complete impotence, in the most humiliating manner, transferring executive powers to Congress. This changes the alignment of forces in US political circles.”

This is honestly one of the most disheartening messages I have ever read. Congress just essentially launched us BACK into the Cold War just to “prove a point” to Trump. In my opinion, they are traitors to our country and will cost many lives and trillions of dollars, but they don’t care one bit.

Trump tried to quell the storm, expressing his disagreement with the bill and the fact that it destroyed the framework of the founders. Still, he signed it into law for the sake of “national unity”.

Should all the people who signed this bill, that strips the office of President of one of its KEY authorities, be tried for treason? Comment your answer and share this out.

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