Comey Exploits His Incompetence To The Tune Of A 2 Million Dollar Book Deal

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He’s not the FBI director anymore, but James Comey has something to do now that he’s got a new book deal.

Comey inked the deal with Flatiron Books, an imprint under global publisher Macmillan, to write a book about leadership and decision making, the Associated Press reported Wednesday. His experience as FBI director under Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump will likely feature in the “high-stakes situations” that Flatiron teased as the book’s subject.

“Throughout his career, James Comey has had to face one difficult decision after another as he has served the leaders of our country,” Flatiron Publisher and President Bob Miller told the AP a statement. “His book promises to take us inside those extraordinary moments in our history, showing us how these leaders have behaved under pressure.”

Flatiron has not disclosed the terms of the deal, but the AP did speak with three sources close to the auction who said it climbed above $2 million. Several publishers were bidding on the rights to publish the book.

Comey has been at the center of various controversial events involving the Justice Department during his decades of work. In 2004 he threatened to resign over the George W. Bush Administration’s activity in managing its surveillance activity, and then he played a central role in the 2016 presidential election.

In June of that year, then-FBI Director Comey declined to prosecute Hillary Clinton for gross negligence in handling classified information over her private email server, despite accusing her of “extreme carelessness.”

Then on May 9, Trump fired Comey, and he has since revealed that he kept memos and even testified that Trump pressured him to stop investigating former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

(via: Free Beacon)

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