WOW! Watch Sarah Huckabee SLAM Liberal Reporters!

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“Constant barrage of fake news, ” retorted Sarah Huckabee to nagging liberal reporters as she took the stage to address President Trump’s firing of Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci. Trump’s action comes just 2 days after the President named General Kelly as the new Chief of Staff.

Of course, the liberal White House Reporters refused to let Huckabee move on once she addressed the topic. The fireworks started after they kept screaming the same questions over and over.

First, Huckabee said what we are all thinking… President Trump is focusing on jobs for Americans, and the White House Reporters should stop obsessing over who has which job in the White House. She made it clear that President Trump wanted to give the new Chief of Staff a clean slate to hire his own people, and that Trump found Scaramucci’s vulgar comments about Steve Bannon inappropriate.

After Huckabee was asked about it for the 7th time, she shut down the reporter and walked out. Watch the following video to see Huckabee put these Liberal Reporters in their place!

h/t (SubjectPolitics)

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