Pro-Life Activists Are DISGUSTED…Abortion Celebrated On New California License Plates

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The California Senate has passed legislation allowing the state to issue a license plate celebrating “pro-choice” activists and raising money for Family Planning, Access, Care, and Treatment.
The legislation was sponsored by Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson (D-Santa Barbara) and is being pushed “in coordination” with NARAL Pro-Choice California.


According to KQED, the license plate will feature the phrase “California Trusts Women” and will highlight “pro-choice” artwork from three artists, one of whom is Miriam Klein Stahl.

RadAmericanWomen describes Stahl:

She is … the co-founder of the Arts and Humanities Academy at Berkeley High School where she’s taught since 1995. As an artist, she follows in a tradition of making socially relevant work, creating portraits of political activists, misfits, radicals and radical movements. As an educator, she has dedicated her teaching practice to address equity through the lens of the arts. Her work has been widely exhibited and reproduced internationally. She lives in Berkeley, California with her wife, artist Lena Wolff, daughter Hazel, and their dog Lenny.

NARAL Pro-Choice California’s Rebecca Griffin lauded Stahl, saying, “A lot of people know Miriam Klein Stahl from her great illustrations for the Rad Women books, which encapsulate the leadership, community and solidarity we want to evoke with the license plates.”

Currently, Virginia is the only state to offer “pro-choice” license plates, and it is also one of 29 states that offers a pro-life plate. Fifteen states with pro-life plates “use the revenue generated to fund [pro-life] groups.”

Sen. Jackson released a statement about the proposed plates, stating, “California has a long history of leadership on reproductive rights. This license plate represents one way that we can demonstrate that we will stay true to our values and the right of every woman to safe, affordable and quality reproductive health care.”

Her legislation must now pass the Assembly before reaching Gov. Jerry Brown’s (D) desk.

(via: Breitbart)

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