This Dad REFUSES To Work…And The Reason Is NOT What You’d Think!

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A teen dad with “DEVAST8” tattooed across half his face has turned down 45 job offers as he is “waiting for the right one to come along” – after his desperate work plea went viral.

New Zealander Mark Cropp, 19, went on social media to beg someone to give him a break and let him prove he can be responsible and hold down a full-time job after leaving prison.

Within hours he revealed he had been deluged with job opportunities and admitted he “stopped counting” when the number of offers reached 45.

But he told the Daily Mail Australia he still hasn’t “done a day’s work” claiming he is “just waiting for the right one to come about”.

Some of the job offers did require him to have his own transport which immediately ruled him out, he said.

“Until I get my first paycheck and get a car I won’t be able to get myself around,” he said.

Cropp also revealed he is finally getting rid of the ludicrous prison tattoo which has made his life hell.

“I am just working out a date to get it taken off – which sucks because it is going to hurt,” he said.

“And because, you know, this tattoo means something to me and my brother did it for me so it is hard to make the decision to get rid of it.

“But I know it is the best thing for my future – and I want to be a person my family can look to for support.”

Cropp got the tattoo a few months ago while drunk on home brewed alcohol with his brother in a New Zealand prison last year.

He was locked up for pulling a knife on a tourist after trying to sell him fake cannabis.

(via: Fox)

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