CNN Caught LYING About Famous Abraham Lincoln Quote To Fit Their RIDICULOUS Narrative

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CNN is more than just the poster child for the “fake news” industry. They’ve gone completely off the deep end.

Publishing phony news about President Trump apparently wasn’t enough. Now they’ve gone and deliberately misquoted Abraham Lincoln.

I say “deliberately” because Lincoln’s quotes, especially his more famous statements, are recorded in NUMEROUS sources.

You have to TRY to misquote so famous and well-documented a figure as Lincoln.

And that’s just what CNN did when they tweet a photo of Lincoln along with the quote “Let the people know the facts, and the country will be safe” for Independence Day.

What Lincoln actually said was: “Let them know the truth, and the country is safe.”

It might seem to some a minor discrepancy, but the difference between “facts” and “truth” is important, particularly when it comes to the manipulation of mainstream media outlets like CNN.

As The Federalist noted:

The conflation of “facts” and “truth” is perfect. Facts can be manipulated. Truth is much more difficult to attain. It might be factual that intelligence chiefs briefed President-elect Trump about a Russian dossier, for instance. But whether that fact is used to spin a Russian conspiracy hoax is where truthfulness is important.

Are we beginning to understand why CNN would want Lincoln’s quote to say “facts” rather than “truth”?

(via: Conservative Post)

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