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These Transgenders Are Trying To BLOCK A ‘Bathroom Privacy’ Ballot That Will Protect the SAFETY of Women and Girls Using Public Bathrooms

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There’s a mother in Washington who is trying to collect signatures to petition to ‘recover sexual privacy’ for women who want to use a public restroom without possibly being invaded by a man who ‘identifies’ as a woman, or perverts and rapists who are in there to prey on women and girls.

But of course, even though this woman has every right to feel in danger thanks to Obama’s stupid bathroom rules, there is a LARGE faction on the left trying to shut her down. Liberals, LGBTQ, and even some major businesses are in the process of trying to make sure she does NOT succeed in petitioning ANYONE about her bathroom safety.

Instead, they want to create their own set of laws and rules that will allow anyone to use any bathroom they want, regardless of the safety of others.

From Breitbart:

The rule is intended to enforce the “transgender ideology” which insists that a person’s biological sex is legally less important than their unverifiable “gender identity,” and also insists that other Americans agree that men can be women, and women can be men, depending on their hidden “gender identity.” Transgender advocates also oppose any regulation or rule-of-thumb that would help people distinguish between males or females because they oppose any civic distinctions between the two sexes.

The gender-over-sexes fight was inflamed in February 2016 when a man walked into a women’s changing room at a swimming pool, refused to leave and cited the commission’s ruling as his legal justification.

In response, the commission argued that it will act benevolently to the managers of swimming pools or businesses who eject men whom they think are taking advantage of the rule barring single-sex facilities. “The Human Rights Commission will look upon this as an opportunity for education, not for punitive action,” said a February 2016 statement.

Do you think that these people should be allowed to just use any bathroom they want without cause, even if it means that the safety of women and girls using the bathroom is completely erased, putting them in danger at all times?

SHARE this post if you think that MEN should use the MEN’S room and WOMEN should use the WOMEN’S room. It’s about what’s between your legs, not what sex you “think” or “feel” you are.

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