Send OUT the clowns!!

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­A lot of you have been suffering from coulrophobia which is the medical term used to describe a very real and debilitating illness  – the fear of clowns.

Some of you may think that this fear is a joke, but truly – coulrophobia is nothing to laugh at (no joke intended). What has really been contributing to the problem is the fact that clowns aren’t all out in the open (like Bozo of old) they are often hidden in disguises that are intended to convince you that they are something else entirely, all the time wanting nothing more than to get close enough to unleash their creepy clownishness.

They don’t even call themselves “clowns” anymore, some of the biggest and scariest call themselves names like “Fellow” or “Senior Fellow”, “Chief Correspondent” or “Democratic Strategist”, “Director” or perhaps even “Producer” but make no mistake, as sure as Bozo wore big shoes these guys are 100% Clown throughout.

Big Shoes and Red Rubber ball noses have now been replaced by Armani and Brooks Brothers suits and Testoni shoes, but again the core clown remains. How else explain some of the tripe that fills the shows, blogs and tweets of these characters if it is not a desperate attempt to be funny?

On Monday clowns incite their unconversant followers (of which there are many) to violence and on Tuesday these same clowns will actually attempt to blame whatever violence occurs on the victims of said violence. Nowhere has this been demonstrated more clearly than the recent cowardly terrorist attack on Republican legislators who dared to practice for a charity baseball game.

These clowns are intent on convincing you somehow that depictions of the bloody decapitation or stabbing of the President of the United States has nothing to do with their followers going out and  following their leaders calls for the harm of those who have committed the unpardonable sin of possessing a different opinion than the clowns do.

So oblivious to the manipulation of their clownish leaders are the people who follow them that they actually feel compelled to PAY  their hateful clown leaders to HATE FOR THEM!! Seriously! These “leaders” are so proud of their hateful clownish selves that they see nothing wrong with asking you to fund them so that they can hate FULL TIME, Hating has become their profession. Were that this was a joke, sadly it is far from it. Professional haters have set up accounts so that their followers can contribute to crowdfunding their antics.

Scott Dworkin is just one example of these professional haters. He goes by the twitter name of @funder and brags about being a Senior Fellow or grand puba or some such illustrious (and extremely self important) title for the “Democratic Coalition against Trump” (sadly this is in fact a REAL organization) Scott also trumpets (sorry) the fact that he has the largest Anti-Trump site on the internet as if that is some grand and illustrious accomplishment.

How it works is that guys like him troll the Internet looking for likely suckers er, members. Typically the people who follow these guys seem incapable of launching a coherent hate filled rant against Trump on their own but fortunately this isn’t a problem as these crowd funded haters will rant away for you – for a small donation (it seems that $25.00 is the normally requested amount, but you can apparently give less).

Following the letter of the law however, sites are quick to point out that this “donation” to the organization is not tax-deductible (darn the luck!) and you must state that you are making said donation of your own free will.

Unfortunately it is difficult to follow this ummmm idiot  creepy liberal blogger as apparently pointing out via tweet to his cult members followers that many worthy charities exist (Shriner’s Children’s Hospital, Wounded Warriors, etc.) that are far more deserving of their money than some wanker who wants to cash in on their hate causes you to get blocked. Go figure!

Dworkin and those like him lure donations with the promise of deep dark secrets that are SURE TO GET TRUMP IMPEACHED!!!! If only they could gather up enough money, then the truth could finally be told that would topple the dastardly Trump!! It kind of begs the question, are these guys concerned at all about the fact that they are ginning up their followers repeatedly?

For those who are unaware of the phrase “ginning up” it is defined by the Urban Dictionary as:

Definition 1) To create or arouse strong feelings in (someone); move or excite.

Synonyms: spur, stir up, drive, rouse, prompt, propel, prod, motivate, encourage, urge, impel; provoke, goad, prick, sting, incite, light a fire under, whip up, work up, foment, fan the flames of, trigger, spark off, precipitate, excite, provoke, incite, ignite

Following a clown is bad enough, allowing yourself to be manipulated into committing an act of violence by one is ludicrous! But people who follow these clowns are being told daily that Trump is a Nazi, a fascist, a Russian spy! They are told that the impeachment of Trump is going to happen any minute now! They are enticed constantly only  and let down just as often, the carrot of impeachment being dangled just in front of them. When this carrot is constantly teased and denied the clown followers act out from frustration that has been allowed to boil and fester

The clowns have been so successful that their followers think they are actually performing a public service when they violently attack Trump supporters. Sanity can only be restored by identifying the clowns and exposing them for the haters and fear mongers they are – don’t send them in, send them out



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