Illegals Are FURIOUS Over Trump’s HUGE Win With The Passing Of These New Laws

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Today was the day we have all been waiting for. After months of stalling by obstructionist Dems, President Donald Trump finally received his first big win in the House of Representatives and soon the Senate.

The House passed Kate’s Law AND a bill to defund Sanctuary Cities!

Kate’s Law will make it harder for criminal illegals to re-enter the country while avoiding jail. The other law says that cities NOT complying with immigration laws will lose their federal funding.

The only thing Dems have left for them is their Congressional obstruction. Funny thing here is, even a few Democrats voted to defund the cities harboring illegal aliens.

Of course, a win in the House is NOTHING without a win in the Senate. While Kate’s Law is expected to pass with flying colors, the bill to defund Sanctuary Cities may be a bit tougher with people like Lindsey Graham and John McCain around.

Still, we actually have a real shot to help save our country here. I have NOTHING against any nationality, but illegal immigration is BAD for our country. Why do the Dems defend it? It’s simple.

The Democrats have always been the slave party. To them, illegal Mexicans are slave workers to pick their berries and have children that they can corrupt to thow away their faith and live life voting Democrat and seeking Public benefits. It’s wrong and they deserve better as human beings in their own countries.

(via: Liberty Writers)

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