The Trump Family Is Reunited In The White House! What Melania Said About Barron Trump Will Have You Smiling!

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On Friday First Lady Melania Trump gave her first interview since moving into the White House two weeks ago on Fox & Friends- and she has some exciting updates!

The First Lady said that her and Barron are “enjoying it very much,” and that Barron “loves it, yes, all settled. He loves it here.”

Aww, it’s great to know Melania and Barron are enjoying their new home- but Barron’s already been having some fun!

According to the New York Post, one month before they moved in Barron got to take his whole fifth grade class of 80 students on a tour of the White House, where they had lunch and President Trump talked to them about “being the best you could be for your country.”

Isn’t that the sweetest?

The interviewer then asked Melania if she’s been missing New York City, where her and Barron had been living as he finished up the school year. The First Lady answered:

“Not really. I’m so busy, and we are doing so many great stuff, so it’s a really special place. We love it here.”

Check out the whole interview here- Melania looks fabulous!:


With all the crazy things happening in politics lately, it’s good to know the First Lady and Barron are happy and comfortable. Share this nice story 10,000 times to brighten up your newsfeed!

(via: Liberty Writers)

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