Bernie Sanders Is Being Investigated By The FBI For Bank Fraud…There’s NO WAY He’s Not Guilty!

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Oh, the irony.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, the ultra-liberal anti-capitalist defender of the little people. And he’s being investigated for bank fraud and abuse of power.

This liar and hypocrite got WAY too close to being our president.

Fortunately, with charges like these against him, Sanders won’t have another shot at the White House.

The investigation centers on a $10 million loan Sanders’ wife, Jane, sought on the basis of falsified donor funds in 2010.

To make matters worse, Sanders himself reportedly called the bank, as a US Senator, and applied pressure to get the loan approved.

What does a socialist “every man” need with $10 million?

At any rate, Bernie and his wife have now “lawyered up” and their PR guy is out there insisting they DID NOTHING WRONG!

Sanders himself over the weekend was shamelessly acting as though nothing was amiss.

In fact, he had the gall to continue attacking Republicans for mismanagement.











Mr. Sanders, barbaric and immoral would describe claiming to stand for one thing, and then behaving exactly the opposite.

Look in a mirror, sir.

(via: Conservative Post)

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