LOCK HIM UP for TREASON! Proof Obama Set Trump Up

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Russia’s alleged interference in the last presidential election has become a sort of boogeyman for Democrats. Liberal figures including Hillary Clinton continuously squawk about how the former Soviet nation’s meddling cost them the White House, and claim that Donald Trump is incompetent in dealing with Putin.

Shockingly, new information has revealed that Barack Obama sabotaged international relations with Russia before Trump was sworn in, and engaged in the kind of cyber meddling that the left has been accusing Russia of for months.

According to a Business Insider report based on a Washington Post story, while Obama was still in office, he directed the National Security Agency to infect Russian computer networks with “implant” code designed to “cause pain and discomfort” to the foreign government.

“Implants are a term used by the intelligence community for malicious code and backdoors,” David Kennedy, a former military intelligence expert and founder of two security companies, told Business Insider. “Essentially (it is) the ability to implant code that goes undetected.”

That malicious code may have potentially impacted key parts of Russia’s infrastructure, such as the power grid or Internet hubs. The United States has engaged its such activities elsewhere, according to Business Insider.

“In Iran, for example, the NSA carried out another operation called ‘Nitro Zeus,’ which used cyber implants to give the U.S. access into Iran’s air defense systems so it could not shoot down planes, its command-and-control systems so communications would go dead, and infrastructure like the power grid, transportation, and financial systems,” Business Insider reported.

President Obama reportedly approved the cyber hacking operation during the last days of his presidency, as a sort of retaliatory response to the vague and unproven allegations of Russian election meddling.

If accurate, the latest reports are problematic for several reasons. First, it seems hypocritical for Democrats including Obama and Hillary Clinton to point fingers at Russia for supposed cyber activity, while Democrat administration in the White House was routinely engaging in the same type of projects.

Second, by directly ordering the NSA to fiddle with Russian networks just weeks before Trump took office, Obama created a hornet’s nest of problems to be handed off to the incoming president.

Instead of sharing the available intelligence with Trump’s team and allowing the newly elected leader to decide on a course of action, Obama essentially lit a bomb and left it for Trump to defuse — or have it blow up in his face.

Predictably, Obama’s side now chides Trump for having trouble with Russian relations, when they clearly had a hand in creating the current mess.

Democrats have been trying to obstruct and derail Donald Trump since day one — and it looks like Obama’s fingerprints are all over the latest fiasco.

(via: Conservative Tribune)

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