Bill O’Reilly Makes HUGE Announcement About Comeback – His Fans Are CHEERING!

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Bill O’Reilly’s departure from Fox News was so abrupt we hardly had time to wrap our heads around what had happened.

Already, O’Reilly is making big announcements regarding his future plans, and his massive fan base is BEGGING for more.

In an online interview with Newsmax, O’Reilly said:

“I may come back to television, it just depends. We’re living in a pretty vicious age now. Whoever I work for is going to have to have a lot of courage to stop the far left from attacking sponsors and spreading lies about people.”

What surprised a lot of folks was O’Reilly’s willingness to give up on broadcast television, and adopt the Internet as his new full-time medium.

During the James Comey hearings, O’Reilly says millions of people followed his tweets, and his weekly podcast has hundreds of thousands of regular listeners.

He went on to lament how divided America has become, and promised some “stunning” new information regarding the attacks against him at Fox!

(via: Conservative Post)

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