MEDIA COVER UP! This Man REVEALS What Liberal Media Doesn’t Want You To Know [VIDEO]

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The Trump economy is taking root, but the liberal media won’t report it. Charles Payne got on Fox Business News and discussed the roaring economic numbers.

The corrupt liberal media is not reporting on what he said much. Watch why:

CHARLES PAYNE:  “SO FROM HOUSING TO WAGES TO CORPORATE PROFITS AND INVESTMENT, THERE ARE REMARKABLE THINGS THAT ARE HAPPENING TO THIS ECONOMY AND NOBODY WILL TALK ABOUT IT.”Jobs in all sort of industries has stifled the Obama administration and they are making a resurgence due to the confidence in the Trump economy.

American coal mining, American steel, and American oil are on the extreme upswing. The increased jobs in these areas is going to increase the number of jobs in the restaurant business and other businesses

The Atlanta Fed reported that the GDP in the 2nd Quarter is supposed to be at 4%. This is the first time in many, many years. None of this is going to be touched on by the liberal media.

The media is waging a war on President Trump and we need you to help fight with him. Share this if you are glad that Trump is bringing the American economy back.


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