Tim Allen Gets The Last Laugh After Being STABBED IN THE BACK By ABC, Now ABC Are The Ones Crying

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Tim Allen isn’t letting the news of his show’s cancellation upset him but he is the one getting the last laugh and ABC is left crying.

From Nation One News

ABC News announced they were cutting Tim Allen’s show “The Last Man Standing.” The announcement to cancel the third most watched comedy show in the history of ABC was a shock to loyal viewers. Frustration and surprise followed the announcement.

Tim Allen didn’t make much of a fuss about it. He just moved on. Although he did use his Twitter account to express his sadness over the show being canceled.

Today rumors began to swirl that “Last Man Standing” may continue after all. Sources inside Fox suggest the show will move to Fox and its affiliates along with “certain streaming services.” The show is actually owned by 20th Century Fox, a subsidiary of Fox Entertainment Group a.k.a Fox, not ABC.

ABC has canceled the show, but since it is owned by Fox, Fox can just move it. We are told that negotiations are under way with Fox and their affiliates to find a time for the show on their network. The Official Announcement to come within the next month.

ABC has angered Conservatives by canceling the show. Tim Allen was the clear victim of an attack on Conservatives which will further hurt ABCs bottom line. Finally, It looks like the Last Man Standing will be Tim Allen, at a new time and place with Fox.

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