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This NASTY Thing Martha Stewart Did To a Portrait of President Trump Will Make You FURIOUS!

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Martha Stewart took a photo op between portraits of President Trump and Snoop Dogg Saturday at an art fair where she appeared to flip the bird at the president while flashing a peace sign towards the rapper.

Someone posted the photo of Stewart appearing to give Trump the middle finger at the Frieze Art Fair taking place at Randall’s Island Park in New York City on Twitter, where it went viral before the account responsible for posting the photo was set to private, the Hill reported.

“Was taking a pic of Trump and Snoop Dogg at Frieze [Art Fair] and Martha Stewart walks up like this #america,” user Newlin Tillotson wrote on Twitter, according to E! News.

Stewart later posted a more politically correct version of the photo to her Instagramaccount, where she flashed peace signs towards both men while promoting the VH1 cooking show Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party that she stars in alongside Snoop and the 2017 MTV Movie and TV Awards that will air Sunday.

E! News reports that an executive at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia took both photos, calling the second photo more “politically correct” and “so much less interesting.”

Stewart publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton when she ran for president against Trump and had feuded with Trump in the past.

The feud was mostly over Stewart’s 2006 spinoff of Trump’s The Apprentice, which got canceled after one season.

The cooking show star did, however, appear to make up with Trump in 2014 at a relaunch party for the New York Observer and congratulated Trump and his family on the election win.

“I sent my congratulations to the Trump family, and I think they have an opportunity—let’s see how they do with it. I’m excited,” Stewart told Chicago Inc.

(via: Breitbart)

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