These Idiots Without Protest Permits Are CRYING After Truck Plows Through Their Roadblock – Police Are NOT Charging the Driver!

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There were some tense moments Monday, as protesters — who were blocking the road to traffic outside the Durham County Jail without a permit – attempted to stop the truck from driving down South Mangum Street.

Despite not having a permit to protest, organizers are blaming the driver – and asking why police did not get involved — for causing a scene.

And they say they will continue to protest without asking for a permit, telling ABC11 that they will block more streets even with the threat of being hit by traffic or run over.

We’re going to continue to show resistance because we have no choice,”

D’Atra Jackson, one of the protest organizers said. “We’re showing symbolically what we’re up against.”

Jackson is with Durham Beyond Policing, a group that says it believes in disinvesting in police, but putting more resources in community.

“There were kids there and people with different mobilities that were not able to pick up and move,” said Christine Hawn, a safety marshal with the protesters according to ABC11.

The footage of the incident directly contradicts this, showing apparently well and able protesters placing themselves in the truck’s way.

See the clip for yourself below:

(via: Conservative Post)

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