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[VIDEO] Hillary Clinton Just Humiliated Herself On LIVE TV – How Absolutely STUPID Can She Get?!

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If you thought not having the dignity to concede on election night was the lowest Hillary Clinton could sink, think again.

Today she showed back up AGAIN on a CNN Town Hall where she managed to do something that was honestly just sad.

Hillary said that if the election was October 27, she would be President right now.

Now I know it seems crazy, but just hold on. Her answer got even dumber.

She went on to explain that the REAL reasons she lost were “Russian Wikileaks”, misogyny, and some grand conspiracy involving the FBI and James Comey.


Look, Hillary, it’s time for a reality check. You see, it’s this same delusional BS she is saying right now that made her lose in the first place. She lives in an imaginary world.

The reason Hillary Clinton lost on November the 8th was simple: America doesn’t trust her.

It was not just a few things during the election. Hillary Clinton has a lifetime of dirty deals and baggage that made her unelectable. The difference between her and Trump was that his baggage was NOT political and he was shameless about it.

So let’s help the queen of mean humiliate herself even more by sharing this out. Maybe after the whole world sees how low she has sank, she will disappear once-and-for-all.

(via: Liberty Writers)

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