Trump Just ERASED Michelle Obama’s Entire ‘Legacy’ With One HUGE Change For Schools!

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President Trump came into office ready to make the changes needed to help this country. Most of those changes required undoing all of Obama’s anti-American policies, but Barack isn’t the only one getting his legacy erased… so is his wife!

Michelle Obama spent years enforcing an initiative aimed at regulating what foods schools could serve to children in cafeterias. American children throughout the nation were forced to eat what they referred to as “prison food”.

School kids tweeted pictures of “soggy rice” and complained that they were forced to go hungry during their school day.

Well, those days are over and our kids are free to eat lunch again!

President Trump is getting rid of Michelle Obama’s ridiculous regulations and allowing parents to have a say in what their children eat instead of the Federal government!

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue unveiled a set of changes to federal school lunch programs designed to “provide greater flexibility in nutrition requirements” during a visit Monday to a Virginia school.

President Trump isn’t only saving our children from hunger pangs, he is also saving the taxpayers some money.

Trump is rolling back a second Michelle Obama program that was wasting serious  government dollars called the “Let Girls Learn” program. The program was deemed unnecessary and duplicative.

The Federal government already has several programs in place that achieve the same goals as Michelle’s program that won’t cost taxpayers a fortune.

Michelle Obama spent her husband’s entire presidency on these programs (when she wasn’t on vacation) and now they are GONE!

Sorry Michelle, but like your husband said…


(via: Liberty Writers)

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