Trump Finds BRILLIANT Way To Completed BAN Sharia Law in America!

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Sharia Law is un-American. It really is that simple. We do NOT want our country to be run by an absurd and dangerous foreign law!

As part of his pause on immigration coming from a select group of Muslim-majority countries, Trump has outlined what he calls “extreme vetting.” In essence, President Trump would require new immigrants from the Muslim world to not only renounce terrorism, but to also pledge that they have no desire to enact Sharia Law in the United States.

By invoking the loyalty oaths that characterized the Cold War, President Trump rightfully acknowledges that today’s War on Terrorism is fundamentally a battle between opposing philosophies.

President Trump first talked about “extreme vetting” on the campaign trail, which earned him numerous enemies on both the left and the nominal right.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) put his doughy face in front of the cameras in order to spout off nonsense about how such screening procedures are “un-American.”

Getting deeply involved in pointless wars overseas also used to be “un-American,” but apparently Senator Graham wasn’t present for that lesson in social studies.

Deep down, there are many reasons why politicians and voters have reacted so violently to President Trump’s commonsense immigration plans. First, far-left liberals see any assumption that America is better than the Third World as inherently racist rather than true.

These same “liberals” also see Muslims as merely new voters that can give them a Democratic majority in the near future.

Another reason for anti-Trump hysteria is a false understanding of history. First of all, yes, America has a long history of religious tolerance. However, it is irrefutable that America was founded by English, Dutch, and Scottish colonists who were steadfastly Protestant. The other major founding stock of the U.S., German-speaking colonists from Switzerland and the German States, were likewise Protestant.

As such, Roman Catholics faced decades of suspicion and many were inspected for their loyalties (would they follow Rome or Washington, D.C.?). As Ann Coulter has pointed out, if Catholic immigrants had not been assimilated into an Anglo-Protestant order, the U.S. would look a lot more like Brazil or Quebec.

Finally, one of the biggest stumbling blocks to progress against Muslim immigration to the U.S. is what writer Diego Fernandez-Morera has called the “Myth of the Andalusian Paradise.” Too many Westerners have been fed the lie that Muslim-dominated Spain was a hotbed of intellectual achievement and religious harmony. It wasn’t.

Muslim Spain was dominated by puritans who violently subjugated Christians via taxes and social ostracism. As for the Jews, numerous pogroms highlight the lie that Spanish Muslims treated Jews better than Spanish Christians.

(via: Conservative Fighters)

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