Senate Democrats Are FURIOUS Over Trump’s SCOTUS Pick – They’re Threatening a Boycott!

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Many people wanted to see Neil Gorsuch as the new Supreme Court Judge who is going to bring radical changes and improvement in this VITAL institution for our country. In the past, Neil Gorsuch was supported both by the Democrats and the Republicans. Everybody knows that!

However, the Democrats decided to dispute Gorsuch with no particular reason. On the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Judge Gorsuch showed morality, strong patriotic spirit, decency and modesty.

He used no “spins” or “hits below the belt” like his “opponents” did. Lidsay Graham, for example, stabbed the Republicans in the back and  he tried to MOLEST Gorsuch. The Republican Party and the Democratic Party inflamed another conflict and Gorsuch is in the middle. Completely innocent.

The Senate Democrats are not going to back off until they succeed to sabotage Gorsuch. It is unacceptable for the liberal elitists to know that Trump’s nominee is part of the Supreme Court.

Judge Scalia was a conservative member in the Supreme Court and he died under suspicious circumstances. Now, JUDGE GORUSCH IS THE NEW THREAT. IT SEEMS LIKE THE DEMS ARE AFRAID TO SEE JUDGE NEIL GORSUCH IN THE SUPREME COURT.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schummer makes pressure under, literally, EVERYONE to vote against Gorsuch.

“I have come to a decision after careful deliberation. I have concluded that I cannot support Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court.” -Said Schumer for the Washington Examiner- He also pointed that Goruch will have to overcome a “cloture vote” and “earn his confirmation.”

This is really sad. Judge Gorsuch is impartial and honorable Judge. He is innocent and he shouldn’t be a liberals’ target. I hope that this is just another show performed by the liberal democrats.

(via: Right Forever)

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