Trump Throws Muslim Staffer Out of White House – You Won’t BELIEVE Why!

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If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem, and you have to go.

Rumana Ahmed worked under Obama’s administration and stayed on afterwards as the senior adviser to Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes. She claims she lasted eight days in Trump’s administration before she was booted. However, she was not actually removed — she left on her own, via The Atlantic.

She decided to leave when Trump issued the executive order temporarily banning immigrants from seven primarily Muslim countries.

According to her article, she no longer wanted to work for an administration that saw her and the rest of her people “as a threat.”

Rather than stick with it and remain in the White House to continue working for the administration and encouraging diversity, she left because of an incorrect and misconstrued notion that, because of this ban, Trump is intolerant.

This is something that it is truly ignorant. When terrorists attacked this country during 9/11, a day burned into the mind of every single American alive and old enough to remember, the American people were expected to brush it off and move on.

And then the attacks started a war, leading to more heartbreak as many of our American soldiers left home on deployment and never came back, but the American people were scorned for feeling afraid, criticized for panicking, and told to be politically correct.

Yes, how dare we learn a lesson from the most brutal terrorist attack in the modern world? How dare we feel fear and a sense of loss over the fact that thousands of Americans were killed either in a plane or in the buildings where they were carrying on with their daily lives?

Muslims do not have any right to be upset about being labeled as a threat because that is a label they stuck on to their own sleeves. You want to talk about injustice? Look at the American veterans who are living on the streets and unable to get a decent meal because of all the illegals and refugees riding on the back of the American welfare system.

The Muslims and the liberals may believe that this country has “vilified” Islam, but we’re just being truthful.

When Ahmed left, she told Michael Anton, the NSC communications adviser, that it was an insult working in this historic building under the new administration, and that one day Congress will have to take responsibility for their actions.

But what the American people truly want is for the left to take responsibility for their actions. Muslims should take responsibility for the fear their religion has inflicted on this country, Obama’s administration should take responsibility for all the terrible measures that have ruined the lives of the American people, and the left should take responsibility for their lies about our president’s character and intentions.

This liberal sob story does not hold a candle to the plight of the American people, and this woman does not have any sympathy from me.

(via: Conservative Fighters)

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