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No Liberal Bias In Sports Media? New Poll Shows Almost No Support For Trump

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A new poll, which shows just how liberal the sports media has become, reveals that only 4 percent voted for Donald Trump.

A survey of 51 members of the sports media and 312 readers of revealed that the reporters exhibited a major liberal bias.

Survey results showed that 58 percent consider themselves Democrats and 36 percent said they were politically independent. The number that said they were Republican was but a sliver of 6 percent.

As TheBigLead noted in its report on the survey, this result differs significantly from recent polls of the general population, which shows that Americans claim to be Republicans and Democrats in close to equal measure.

The survey became even more lopsided when it asked respondents for whom they voted, and fully 80.4 percent said they went for Hillary, with only a tiny 3.9 percent for Donald Trump.

That support for Hillary dwindled, though, when the survey asked who respondents supported in the primaries, with only 48 percent naming Hillary as their first choice, while 24 percent said they supported Bernie Sanders. Marco Rubio and John Kasich tied at 10 percent.

Also, 74.5 percent admitted that they voted for Barack Obama in 2012.

Social issues fared no differently for lopsided results. 86.6 percent said they support abortion and a whopping 88.2 percent said they believe in man-made global warming. 76.5 percent also said marijuana should be legalized.

In addition, 78.4 percent said sports media is either “liberal” or “very liberal.” Only 5.9 percent considered it conservative.

“The sports media clearly leans left,” TheBigLead concluded. But, one factor that might explain this, they said, was that most sports media are clustered in liberal big cities. This, they said, might explain a lot of the liberal bias in the sports media.

(via: Breitbart)

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