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Illegal Idiot Arrested For Voting 5 Times in 2016 Blames Trump For Her Voter Fraud

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As usual the story behind the headline isn’t actually the story, but rather the symptom of a broken and fractured immigration system that allowed Rosa Ortega an illegal Mexican alien to first take advantage of our shattered immigration laws by illegally entering America, and then by compounding that illegal act by voting 5-times, thus affecting our election process.

Ortega who brazenly registered to vote in the state of Texas and 5-different cities, was allowed to “illegally” cast her vote in 5-different polling places is indeed outrageous enough, however here’s the kicker, her license (which is bad enough for a non-citizen to acquire) actually had the box identifying her as a “non-citizen” checked off, and yet she was allowed to vote!

Of course, once this incident went public those in charge of the states elective process all closed ranks behind one another in condemning Ortega who was sentenced to 8-years in prison, however, her attorney lamented her sentence was “harsh” and when she’s through serving her sentence, she will be deported back to Mexico.

However what about those state workers keeping a watchful eye at those polling booths, and what of those state officials who issue “drivers licenses” to illegal aliens in the first place. The winter issue isn’t Rosa Ortega, but rather how so-called elected officials tasked with protecting our sovereignty as a nation and more importantly the sanctity of our vote, have failed us. No doubt Ortega should go prison, and those entrusted with our national security should join her.

This 25-second video clip on Fox News chronicles an issue that the mainstream media, along with those progressive politicians in Washington attempt to ignore that America is in disrepair at our borders and now perhaps in our voting booths, in that how many other Ortega’s are out there taking advantage of our broken and fractured immigration system?

There were approximately 11.1 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. in 2014, accounting for 3.5% of the nation’s population. Imagine for a moment if just 10% of those illegal aliens fraudulently voted, you’d have just over 1-million illegal ballots cast within a presidential election.

Perhaps that’s the real reason why our progressive friends in Congress, refuse to acknowledge voter fraud as a real issue or refuse to accept true voter ID measures to safeguard against the Rosa Ortega’s within our country, is that it benefits them at the voting booth.

(via: US Herald)

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