Obama In MASSIVE Trouble Over What He Secretly Did To Pence Before Election

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Although Barack Obama may be living the high life, he just got a nasty reality check. As it turns out, news has recently come to light, exposing what he quietly did in Indiana while then-Governor Mike Pence was away campaigning – and now, he’s in some serious trouble.

Most of America is already aware that Obama abused his power in any way he could get away with in a desperate attempt to help Hillary Clinton win the 2016 election. Of course, we all know how that turned out, but it seems that the former president’s dirty skeletons are now coming out of the closet to haunt him.

According to reports, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials under the orders of Obama tried to hack into “Indiana’s state electoral system with at least 14,800 ‘scans’ or hits between Nov. 1, 2016, to Dec. 16, 2016.” As if that wasn’t bad enough, this was only after state officials explicitly forbade the government from doing so.

The attacks are the second confirmed IT scanning assault by DHS officials against states that resisted then-President Barack Obama’s attempt to increase federal involvement in state and local election systems by designating them as “critical infrastructure” for national security. [Source: The Daily Caller]

As Mad World News previously reported, the same thing happened in Georgia after officials declined permission to allow Obama’s DHS to infiltrate their state-run system – but Obama’s minions ultimately failed to break through the firewall. Although Obama merely wanted to get into Georgia’s voter registration database, when it comes to Indiana, he apparently wanted a bit more.

While Mike Pence was away campaigning, Obama decided it was the perfect time to sneak in and constantly “scan” the votes in the system at a rate far too high to be coincidental. As Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson explains, “We know that between November 1 and December 16 we were scanned with about 14,800 scans, nearly 15,000 different times.”

At this point, it’s unclear what Obama was trying to do once inside the systems – whether it be to add fraudulently registered voters to the system, a few extra votes to the count, or for a slew of alternative reasons, including political pressure, but one thing is certain — officials aren’t too happy. In fact, state leaders are asking Trump not only to reverse the aforementioned designation that Obama put on their system but investigate the real reason that DHS officials and Obama broke the law that restricts them from trying to penetrate a state system without the express approval of the state.

In the end, Obama finished his presidency every bit as lazy and sneaky as he governed over the past 8 years. When you break the law like this, especially from inside the highest office in the country, there should be certain consequences, and the fact that he’s no longer president should have no bearing on the matter when it comes to justice. If there was ever a tyrant in the White House, it was Obama – and he needs to be held accountable.

(via: MadWorld News)

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