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Black Lives Matter Declares WAR On White America and Death To President Trump; Are They Hate Group?

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A despicable and vile leader of the Black Lives Matter movement, who also happens to be a PRESCHOOL TEACHER, stood in front of a cheering crowd to announce their intentions to wage WAR on white america and the White House.

From an anti-Trump protest in Seattle, one BLM activist said, “First off, we need to start killing the White House, the White House must die…Teach your kids to throw that f***ing cop car in the garbage… ”

This woman quickly drives herself into an emotional and incomprehensible rant. I mean, disable “anti-transphobic?” This woman is out of her mind!

Worse yet, the crowd seems to eat up her calls for violence, just proving they all need to be locked up and treated like the terrorists they are.

This just goes to show what radical liberals really think of those of us on the right and how entitled they really are.

Her calls for white people to hand over money, property, and to “kiss their mother-f***ing feet [of brown and black people]” are met with cheers. That kind of sickening selfishness should be met with condemnation.

Calling for reparations is absurd. Why would we EVER be expected to pay people today for something that ended over 150 years ago and that most of today’s citizens have no ties to whatsoever?

What’s even more alarming is that this woman is a preschool teacher, who says she will “radicalize” the children under her care. How can parents safely drop their children off at school knowing someone like this may be standing in front of them teaching?

This just proves that the brainwashing liberals are attempting in our schools is not an accident. What they are doing they are doing on purpose to get ALL children into their liberal and radical camps.

It’s long past time we end the brainwashing that results in this kind of disgusting behavior. These millennials, and the whole Black Lives Matter movement, are the spawn of our liberal schools and all forms of the establishment.

They are going to ruin this country and violence is imminent unless we treat as exactly what they are… domestic terrorists.

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