Texas Says They Will Begin ARRESTING Sanctuary City Mayors!

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According to reports, Republican Lawmakers in Texas are getting ready to oust Sanctuary City officials who do not comply with federal law. reported:

While Boston and other liberal cities revolt over President Donald Trump’s sanctuary city policy, Texas is getting ready to oust officials who refuse to comply with federal law. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said he would “hammer” local officials if they resist federal efforts to deport immigrants in the country illegally, according to the Associated Press. Texas Republican lawmakers are readying a bill that would allow for criminal charges against city or county officials who intentionally don’t comply.

Any county elected official, such as a sheriff, would face immediate removal from office if convicted of official misconduct, AP reported. The Texas bill is the latest sign some states are ready to comply with President Trump’s executive orders on illegal immigration. Trump also plans to enforce existing laws that should give him plenty of tools to pressure local officials who refuse to detain illegal immigrants…

(via: Red State Watcher)


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