Whoopi Instantly Regrets Using Super Bowl To Bash Trump – You Won’t BELIEVE The Backlash!

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The Super Bowl Sunday became the leading event in America, with millions of people rooting for their favorite team to win. however, the liberals seemed more concerned about the game not being too political and discussed this ‘issue’ on Monday’s ‘The View’ show.

During the half time of the game, Lady Gaga honored us with her performance, but the liberal hosts of ‘The View’ did not seem to be pleased, since she refused to throw rocks at Donald Trump while she was performing.

The View host, Whoopi Goldberg, made an effort to explain Gaga’s performance and to go after Trump once more. However, Whoopi’s words do not hold any ground, so her efforts were in vain,

“I was a little underwhelmed by it,” host Sunny Hostin began, according to The Daily Caller. “Maybe because I thought there would be this big political statement, and I didn’t get that. I expected it.”


Whoopi Goldberg came into the picture and started talking nonsense:

“If you listen to her music, you know, you listen to what she sang. yeah, she’s always been political,” Whoopi added. “People don’t have to be political. They can just be, and she is political just by all the stuff she’s done with the LGBTQ community, with what she’s done for women.”

“Not everybody does everything the same way, and it’s important to remember that,” she added.

Well, the Super Bowl is a sport event and we feel sorry for Goldberg who was apparently expecting a different outcome.

(via: World Politicus)


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