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Justice Department Rules Trump DOES Have Power To Restrict Immigration

The Justice Department has determined that President Trump indeed has the authority to restrict immigration per several existing laws. It is not unconstitutional to restrict non-citizens entering this country or do they have any right to enter this country.
According to a story in the Washington Times:

The White House said it is “absolutely not” backing down on President Trump’s extreme vetting executive order as Justice Department attorneys asked an appeals court Monday to lift a restraining order that left the policy in limbo and sparked a major test of the new administration’s powers.

Administration attorneys said Mr. Trump was acting within his national security and immigration powers when he imposed temporary halts on the U.S. refugee program and on visitors from seven majority-Muslim countries.

They said the president has broad authority to decide whom to admit and whom to bar from the country, and the State Department can cancel visas at any time.

“An alien outside the United States has no substantive right or basis for judicial review in the denial of a visa at all,” the attorneys said. “Moreover, Congress has been clear that the issuance of a visa to an alien does not confer upon that alien any right of admission into the United States.”

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