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Why Trump’s Executive Orders Have Democrats ‘Really Panicked’

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Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) said during an interview Monday on “The Laura Ingraham Show” that President Donald Trump’s rapid action his first few days in office has Democrats panicked.

Biggs, who recently reintroduced a bill dubbed “Grant’s law,” which would legally ban future administrations from implementing the type of “catch and release” immigration policies pursued by President Obama, praised the 45th president for signing executive orders last week beefing up border security and immigration enforcement. Biggs said the swift action from Trump to fulfill campaign pledges has Democrats acting frantic.

“He has an energetic, vigorous personality and he promised us he would do things on refugees, he would do things on the border … That is what he is doing.”

“[The Democrats are] about a 15 on the scale, I think. They’re really panicked,” Biggs told LifeZette Editor-in-Chief Laura Ingraham. “Here’s a guy coming in and he’s actually living up to and trying to keep every promise that he made. And the majority of Americans support that.”

Biggs noted “coastal cities” are the “only places in the country” that are not supportive of Trump’s actions and positions.

“And I think that the media is apoplectic and are confused in consternation about the whole thing,” Biggs said.

Noting how serious the issue of illegal immigration is to his Arizona constituents, Biggs bashed the federal government for failing in its “obligation” to keep American citizens safe.

“We’ve had in the last couple years 10,000 criminal illegal aliens. And then, within that group, another 4,500 to 5,000 violent criminal illegal aliens let back out on the streets of Maricopa County because of the ‘catch and release’ policy of Barack Obama’s administration,” Biggs said. “So, we’ve really got to put an end to that. That’s for sure.”

“But we know [one] thing: about 15 percent of our prison population are illegal aliens in the country. And of that, they are overrepresented in the violent crimes, such as rape, homicide, aggravated assault. That’s where they’re overrepresented, in our prison population there,” Biggs added.

Saying that the American people “need to know what’s taking place at the border,” Biggs said even if an illegal alien has been detained in prison, if the illegal immigrant leaves court with an order to return in six months for a deportation hearing, he or she will simply disappear.

“That’s unrealistic because then they have six months — they’re never coming back anyway — for that hearing. And they’re released back into our streets and we know that they’re violent criminals,” Biggs said. “The federal government has just been absolutely asleep at the wheel, allowing Americans to be put in harm’s way.”

“If nothing else on illegal immigration, we should be deporting these people who are a hazard to us, who are causing crimes, who are killing people and maiming them. We should get them out of here,” Biggs added.

Praising Trump for his commitment to cracking down on illegal immigration, the Arizona congressman said the new president is doing “exactly what he said he would do.”

“And I am so grateful for President Trump. He’s been so vigorous. He’s been out there. People are mad at him, but he’s doing exactly what he said he would do,” Biggs said. “He has an energetic, vigorous personality and he promised us he would do things on refugees, he would do things on the border. He promised us that he would do things for the victims of criminally violent illegal aliens. That is what he is doing.”

(via: Lifezette)

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