Betty White Shows MAJOR CLASS After Loser Katie Couric Tries To Pressure Her Into Bashing Donald Trump

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Betty White just put the smack-down on Katie Couric (in a nice way of course)! White, an ancient 95-year-old vixen from Golden Girls just showed a level of superior Hollywood class that we’ve not ever seen before! She delivered a powerful message to Katie, her viewers, and the entire country in such a soft-spoken tone of voice that it melt my ears like the cheese in those recipe videos you see on Facebook.

I know what Katie was doing. She wanted a quote from a well-known celebrity that trashed Trump, but she got nothing. Sure, that’s Katie’s job. But that doesn’t mean it’s Betty White’s job to follow suit and trash the 45th President for no reason.

Betty’s message to the masses was meaningful, mesmerizing, and much needed.

Do we think this 95-year-old Hollywood actress supports Trump? Or has supported any Republican since the 60s? Of course not. But just because you oppose the President-elect doesn’t mean you have to act two tacos short of a combination platter. Hold the pico de gallo. Which we can’t say for most leftists. Who are probably bottling that regurgitated cat food I alluded to in the opening paragraph. Just to throw at you while claiming “love trumps hate.” Aw. The Fancy Feast ain’t so fancy when it’s actually Katie Couric’s nauseating character, is it?

More direct Betty White: “If you hate the 2016 Election results, get off the computer and do some actual work in your community.” Because no, hashtags and virtue signaling don’t actually amount to much. Except as ammunition which we’ll later use to mock you. It’s okay, we know the social justice warriors will never stop telegraphing their stupid over the internet. Or trying to light themselves on fire. It’s a marvelous time to work in the liberal-mockery business

Her message, regardless of her political affiliation, is exactly what America wants to hear from our celebrities.

Her message is strongly directed towards the social justice warriors who cause crime, the protesters who break laws, the rioters who loot and commit arson, and the person who refuses to unite with Americans and support our next President.

This is who we elected. This is who we support. This is how we make America great again.

America won’t be great if you’re protesting and get ran over a few times, that’s for sure.

Time for liberals and democrats to stop complaining and start making things work.

Katie mentions things being toxic. I look around and see toxic faces on liberals. They’re always miserable. They have a mental instability about them that forbids them from seeing the good in the world. Everything is bad to them. Nothing is OK.

Liberals need to join us on the RIGHT side of the tracks or at least be more like Betty White who sees the good and the reality of things.

Also, if you’ve noticed, Betty White is holding a sloth stuffed animal.

Kinda weird…but that’s Betty for ya!

VIA Louder With Crowder

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