ALERT: John McCain ADMITS He LEAKED Fake Trump Docs. Should He Resign?

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There were a lot of mistakes and outright crooked decisions made surrounding the fake Trump story the media recently got their hands on. The biggest mistake might have been John McCain’s.

In a statement on his website, McCain has revealed that he did leak the fake Trump documents, as many suspected. This betrayal is disgusting! I think he should resign! 

It turns out that this huge betrayal has been brewing for a year.

To excuse himself, McCain offered the line, “unable to verify the information myself.” Certainly, if you find a matter of national security, anyone and everyone in this nation should pass it along to the proper authorities, but let’s not waste our time, and the FBI’s time, with idle gossip.

The allegations against Trump, originally released to the public by Buzzfeed, are absolutely ludicrous. How could a sensible person take them seriously, never mind seriously enough to pass along to the FBI? Or is the FBI always inundated with outlandish sex scandals?

Carl Bernstein, the reporter who broke Watergate, was involved in the transfer of this rumor from one organization to the other. He alleges McCain’s involvement went a little deeper than the senator is letting on, as per Biz Pac Review.

Bernstein told CNN, “a former British ambassador to Russia independently was made aware of these findings, and he took the information to John McCain…McCain was sufficiently disturbed by what he read to take it to FBI Director James Comey himself personally, they had a five-minute meeting.”

Of course, Bernstein tried to downplay McCain’s handing of the information to Director Comey himself, saying the meeting was brief. However, the direct nature of McCain’s actions hints that he felt deeply that this matter needed serious attention.

It certainly didn’t deserve that level of attention. The intelligence community is now back-tracking, with some sources telling CNN that the allegations against Trump were included to alert the president-elect such rumors about him were circulating. It seems the only people still talking to CNN are those who have some explaining to do!

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Via Angry Patriot

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