WATCH: Donald Trump Responds to Michelle Obama’s Insult, Absolutely DESTROYS Her

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Michelle Obama recently did an interview with Oprah where she said there was no hope for America. Trump just responded and absolutely blew her out of the water.

During a rally today, Trump set the record straight by saying she must have been talking about the past, not the future…

Unlike the liberal attacks on the future First Lady, Trump did not personally insult the current First Lady, Michelle Obama, about her ridiculous comments.

Instead, he merely pointed out the error of her ways while landing one heck of a zinger.

You see, ever since the election has concluded with Trump being named the 45thPresident of the United States, the Obama’s have done everything in their power to belittle his presidency and tell Americans there is nothing but doom and gloom ahead.

Ironically, the man who promised change and hope is now the man that is preaching the end is near.

And the man they say is the Devil himself is the one creating jobs and telling Americans we finally have hope for a bright and productive future.

Honestly, in all my years, I have never heard such negativity from an outgoing administration. Usually, regardless of the party of the winner, the sitting president will try to put a positive spin on the upcoming days and the future of the country.

In this case, however, we have a petulant child that is pissed off because he knows whatever legacy he had is about to go into the shredder and for once, the American people have actually realized how damaging and corrupt our political system really is.

Trump is right, we are looking to the future and most Americans cannot wait for the day when the Obamas are nothing but a speck in our rearview mirrors.

VIA Angry Patriot

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