CONVERT OR DIE: Children Forced to Join Islamic Prayers, “TOLERANCE” Takes On Whole New Meaning

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We’ve known for a long time that Christians in the Middle East have faced religious persecution. It has come in the form of intimidation, harassment, exclusion, and outright violence.

While the Western world draws focus to the plight of Muslim refugees, the concerns affecting Christians have gone almost completely unmentioned.

According to the Pew Research Center, President Obama admitted 12,587 refugees to the U.S. from Syria, in fiscal 2016. The report says that nearly all of these refugees were Muslims, with less than 1% being Christians. This is in spite of the fact that Christians are in grave danger at the hands of ISIS and other Islamic militants in the Middle East.

It’s a perilous journey for Christians asylum-seekers to reach Western shores. There have been numerous reports of Christian migrants being tortured or murdered by Muslims aboard refugee boats. A September article from UK newspaper The Telegraph details a terrifying story of murder on the high seas.

In that case, a “refugee” from Cameroon Africa was charged with murdering six Christians by bludgeoning them and throwing them overboard to die in the cold, choppy waters. Their crime? Praying to Jesus Christ during the dangerous passage.

A Muslim From Central Africa Demonstrates What He Does to Christians

A Muslim From Central Africa Demonstrates What He Does to Christians

Christians have faced tremendous persecution in conflict-zones like Syria and Iraq, and they are now experiencing the same issues inside powerful Western countries like Germany, France, and the United States.

Reports from asylum centers in Germany paint a bleak picture of the torment that Christians face from the majority Muslim refugees. The problem is also spreading beyond the refugee populations and into every aspect of German life.

It’s bad enough when adults are harassed or assaulted for their religious beliefs, but in Germany, young school children are being targeted. A priest in the German city Leipzig tells reporters how he has witnessed this issue firsthand.

Father Andreas Knapp works with refugees of all religions, and he has noticed that Christians are facing persecution at the hands of Muslims.

“Yes, there were problems here at a school in our city district, where Christian and Muslim children, who were relatively new in Germany, were in the class of integration, the Muslim children have just teased a Christian boy who had a cross. They have probably been disrespectful, perhaps even hatred, of Christians from their homeland, the boy has been talking to his teacher, but he did not intervene, and we found a solution for the boy to change school.” Knapp said.

He was disturbed by the fact that teachers did nothing to stop the bullying, and that taking the boy out of his own school was the only solution that officials were able to provide. The bullies faced no consequences, and most likely moved on to their next target.

Western School Teachers: Obsessed With Tolerance at the Expense of Their Own Children

Western School Teachers: Obsessed With Tolerance at the Expense of Their Own Children

The priest went on to explain how the Christian children were persecuted not only for their religious beliefs, but because they were linked to the United States and England through their faith:

“The last Christians, who still speak Aramaic, the mother tongue of Jesus, since the invasion of the Americans and the British, the Christians were taken in a kind of clan on the spot. And in the perception of many Iraqis, the states of America or England are Christian states, and now there are also native Christians, and they are then suspected: yes, these are Christians who are collaborators of the Americans, and we take revenge on them .”

Father Knapp tells of his visit to a refugee family he has been working with. He helped the father get a job as a locksmith, and the mother as a secretary. The couple has two children. A statue of the Virgin Mary adorns their living room, along with a painting of the crucifixion on the wall. The two children speak good English, and the 13-year-old boy chokes back tears as he tells his story:

“There were a lot of children who were all Muslims, and I was the only Christian, when I go to them and say, ‘Let’s play football,’ they said, ‘No, you’re a Christian!’ Then they insult me because I eat pork. And then there were also a few battles between us because I am a Christian, and they threatened me…, and in Leipzig, in my old school, some children insulted me because I am a Christian.”

His mother joined the conversation in broken English and told Father Knapp that her children were afraid all of the time because of the harassment they received.

Christian Arab Children Are Beaten and Humiliated by Muslim Migrants

Christian Arab Children Are Beaten and Humiliated by Muslim Migrants

Like the other case Knapp detailed, the only solution that was found by German officials was to pull the boy from his school and move him to a new one. It’s unknown why the victims receive what amounts to punishment, while the perpetrators are completely untouched. Political correctness most likely place a large role in the problem.

In a different story from earlier this year, an Iraqi refugee told German paper Junge Freiheit of chilling attacks at their housing center:

“We would read the Bible in our twelve bed room. Immediately, the Muslims come into the room to insult us, because we have converted from Islam to Christianity,” he said. Another victim of the abuse said “Suddenly seventy people stood in front of us called us names and said they wanted to beat us. We were afraid for our lives!”

According to reports at the center it took over 20 police officers and a K9 unit to stop the Muslim mob from violently assaulting the Christians.

Volker Baumann, spokesman for Action for Persecuted Christians (AVC) says his organization’s studies show that up to 40,000 Christians are persecuted for their faith in Germany. The persecution doesn’t stop with verbal abuse. Respondents in their surveys have shown large percentages of them being subjected to death threats and violent assaults.

It is not just migrant Christians who are being victimized. Reports have been emerging for years that detail violent assaults, gang beatings, and routine bullying against native German children, at the hands of foreign Muslims. This disturbing video, not for the faint of heart, tells the story in the bullies’ own words:

We see that innocent young German children are being force-fed values like tolerance and multiculturalism at the hands of their leftist teachers, while the Muslim children are able to bully them with impunity.

The attackers brag that they beat the Germans whenever they see them, and the Germans are scared to fight back against the vicious mobs. They go on to boast about how they will take over Germany by “taking 4 wives and having 22 children”.

It’s utterly revolting to watch a nation commit suicide in such dramatic fashion, and to see how heartless liberals are when it comes to protecting their own children. There have been dozens of YouTube videos showing these disgusting attacks against German schoolchildren, with most of them being censored and removed by the liberals who run YouTube!

After a recent case made headlines when a Turkish migrant was acquitted for raping an 11-year-old boy in a public swimming pool, because he “didn’t understand it was wrong”, Russian President Vladimir Putin had this to say:

“A society that cannot defend its own children, has no future.”

He is absolutely correct on this matter.

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