The Rigging of America!!!

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Trump is a fighter and people are disgusted with both parties which is why they elected him. They want an outsider who is a fighter, who is anti-establishment and successful businessman who can run the country like a business. Too many insiders are comfortable in their corruption and fear Trump because they know he will take their gravy train away from them. I also think many want to partake of the Clinton Foundation. There are millions to be made there.

Trump is right. The elections are rigged and so is the whole system. This is becoming a communist country because the elections are being rigged for one party to be the only party to run this country. And with that it will mean this country is doomed for failure and Hillary, in my mind, will completely destroy this country in 4 years if she lives that long since she’s supposedly a very sick woman.

There are two theories floating around that are all too true that can happen. The first involves what can happen if Hillary is too ill to run or for some reason drops out because of health or judicial reasons before Jan. 1st. If Hillary is forced to stop her campaign because this disqualifies her, or she is forced to quit because of health reasons, what will happen?  Tim Kaine can’t replace her at the last minute, and neither can Bernie Sanders.  She was her party’s choice from the get-go.  I think she was promised it by the party big wigs back when Obama beat her out because he was more charismatic and appealed to the blacks and the whites who wanted a black President.  He was more electable, and would push the party elites’ Socialist agenda once in office.  Who is the one to replace Hillary at the last minute, in a crisis situation?  Obama!  After all, we’ve had a 3- term president before with FDR and polls show that a huge percentage of Millenials would like him to be President for Life.

A second theory is that Obama has announced he is buying a house outside Washington and will work with Eric Holder, another super corrupt individual, in redistricting the country and keep an eye on things. If Hillary is so ill they will use her as a figure head and he will be a shadow president. You will only see her like you do now, just appearing on TV or at events with long periods in between of not seeing her just like you do now. They will provide excuses for her as usual as to why.  

I recently saw these two very interesting,but unfortunately too true comments:

No one party has been in the WH for more than 8 years and it is apparent that the younger generations have no clue what this country is all about and their education is showing it by (example) Watters world goes around asking the younger people questions about the election and world events and about 90% have no clue who the people running for office are or what is going on in world events. This country is becoming so stupid and it shows in the young kids and a perfect example of that is the support Hillary is getting when it is a known fact that she had emails and phones destroyed 4 days after getting a subpoena. The people should have been demanding that she not be allowed to run and should have been charged, but instead they support her which in turn means they are supporting a very corrupt gov’t. The ones I feel bad for are the young kids that can not vote yet because this is going to ruin their lives and futures.
God help this country if she should win the house

We’ve become a deeply crooked country. A nation with a huge percentage of it’s population on some sort of welfare program. A nation with such a biased media, that it rivals 1980’s Pravda. A nation that is obsessed with texting, reality shows and apathy. A nation where checking off the right box at hiring time is more important than qualifications.  A nation that graduates from college, folks who lack the educational skills of an 8th grader from 30 years back. A nation that cares more about illegal aliens and drug addicts than it does about veterans, working poor and the elderly. That’s a big reason as to why an unethical person like Hillary is popular. Trump’s hope is that the millions of citizens who haven’t voted in years come out to vote for him.

Right now our country is on life support. If by some miracle Trump wins the patient is revived and has a chance to live again. If not the undertaker arrives. America you must not pull the plug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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