Call To Send ‘Present’ To Trump Hating NYT Reporters

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You may or may not know that a trendy way to say that someone is upset, angry or bitter is to say that they are “salty.” It’s a niche term, but it’s a fitting term when used by millennials to describe other millennials’ passive aggression.

It’s also a fantastic term to describe The New York Times’ attitude throughout the entire post-election season. One group of users from Reddit decided to let The Times know that the Gray Lady had been acting a little salty, with hilarious results.

The clearly biased anti-Trump newspaper was by and large displeased with the election results, and has treated President-elect Donald Trump “very rough.”

“I think I’ve been treated very rough. It’s well out there that I’ve been treated extremely unfairly in a sense, in a true sense. I wouldn’t only complain about The Times. I would say The Times was about the roughest of all,” Trump said on Tuesday to The Times.

A group of Trump fans agreed. In response, they decided to try to send The Times a ton of salt. Literally.

“While I was viewing the front page today, I was inspired by one ‘Pede’s (a term short for centipede that refers to Trump supporters, according to Breitbart) act of sending the NYT 25 pounds of salt. So, I thought we could follow in this brave patriot’s footsteps and pool together to send The New York Times an entire literal ton of salt.”

He wanted 89 people to send one 25-pound bag each. That’s just over a metric ton, which is 2,204 pounds.

If the salt was actually sent, that’s 2,625 pounds of salt.

Breitbart asked The New York Times for comment, but Eileen Murphy, The New York Times senior vice president of communications, was decidedly uninformative. “If they (the bags of salt) had been received, our practice would be to put them in dumpsters directly in the mail room,” she wrote back, according to Breitbart.

(via: Conservative Tribune)


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