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Sarah Palin: ‘We’re All In This Together – We’re Like Family, and That Empowers Us’

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During her interview with SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on the holiday edition of Breitbart News Daily, former Alaska governor and 2008 vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin spoke from experience about battling the forces of political correctness.

Marlow remarked that Palin was the focus of more hatred from the Left than anyone in American public life, at least until Donald Trump came along, and asked if she had any tips for dealing with left-wing bigotry.


She expressed sympathy for all those facing “the wrath of the whiners, the immature, those who are so intolerant that they can’t accept another person’s point of view or another person’s vote.”

“We’re all in this together. We’re like a family, and family circles the wagons, and that empowers us,” she said.

“Look at Steve Bannon, what he’s going through. The irony of Steve Bannon going through this hell with the politics of personal destruction that the Clinton machine supporters are throwing his way is, he recognized that in ‘08 what I was going through, and he made a movie about it,” Palin said referring to Bannon’s documentary The Undefeatedwhich chronicles Palin’s political career from a corruption busting Alaska mayor and governor to her vice presidential campaign as John McCain’s running mate to her leadership in the Tea Party movement.

“People need to watch that, The Undefeatedbecause it wasn’t about – I mean, I’m the principal in the movie – but in that documentary it’s not about me. It’s about anybody who would face this injustice of the media, and the politics of personal destruction, and how you can use that actually as fuel,” Palin said.

“When they throw that stuff at you – the lies and the exaggerations and ruining your reputation and your record – you know, it’s kind of hard to find out where do you go to get back your reputation, after they do what they do to people they don’t like. You have to personally use it as fuel to empower you, and to strengthen you, and to really allow it to be confirmation that you’re right, because look at what it is that they represent,” Palin explained. “They represent that intolerance. They represent very, very narrow-minded thinking. They don’t want to enlarge any kind of tent. It’s either their way or the highway.”

“That’s what Steve Bannon is going through right now. But I guarantee you even he, as strong as he is, he’s going to come out stronger,” Palin anticipated. “It’s going to help Trump, and it’s going to help the nation. Matter of fact, despite how ugly and uncomfortable it is at the time, if you react to the circumstances that they’re creating for you, it’s going to be even better for you. That’s what Bannon will find out.”

She said Breitbart News has been attacked in a similar dishonest fashion by corporate media, but remained confident the public was too smart to be deceived.

“All you have to do is log on to the Breitbart site and read what’s written,” Palin said. “These are good stories, good reports that allow the people to make up their minds. Whether they agree or disagree, they get to leave reading the article with information, and then leave it to them to make up their mind about it. Look at the authors, look at the bylines with each story. How diverse can you get?”

“It’s kind of a microcosm of America,” she said of the diverse Breitbart News staff.

At another point in the interview, Palin explained how Trump “exposed” the “biased media.”

“They were on trial, essentially – and they lost,” she said. “And now this corporate media, and their exaggerations and their lies, and their politics of personal destruction, thank God they are irrelevant.”

She thought it was fair to ask if there should be career consequences for pundits and analysts who got everything wrong in the long prelude to the 2016 election, especially given their enthusiasm to “crucify those who get it right.”

“Let’s just accept that it’s going to go on, and allow then our strength to be made manifest when we realize, okay, they’re going to keep getting it wrong, and they’re going to keep trying to crucify us,” she recommended. “So what? Life’s not fair. There are more of us than there are of them. There really are.”

“They are very vocal, those who want to transform America and take away your freedom of speech. They’re not the majority. The majority of Americans are right on target in where we want to go with liberty and all of our freedoms. So let’s hang on to that, knowing that good, that’s a tool for empowerment right there, is knowing what the numbers are,” she urged.

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(via: Breitbart)

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