Hampshire College In Massachusetts To Stop Flying American Flag After Burning Incident

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College and university campuses across the nation have become bastions of unfettered progressivism and anti-Americanism, and following the shocking (to some) victory of President-elect Donald Trump, it will likely only get worse before it gets better.

Take, for example, Hampshire College in Massachusetts, where angry students demanded the American flag at the center of campus be lowered to half-staff the day after the election, a move traditionally signifying a nation in mourning.

According to the Amherst Bulletin, this student-led demonstration resulted in the flag being completely lowered and burned on the eve of Veterans Day, with staff thankfully being able to replace the disgraced and destroyed flag ahead of a scheduled celebration later that day.

“Think about the groups who use the flag, from police officers to the U.S. Army,” said 19-year-old student Daniel Vogel, echoing others who called the flag a symbol of racism and oppression. “These are the forces on the ground that make oppression happen.”

Some students demanded that the flag be removed entirely, and while there was initial pushback from faculty on that front, it appeared as though they had given in to the demands of the anti-American students.

Campus Reform has reported that the school has made the decision not to fly any flags whatsoever on campus for the foreseeable future, including the American flag, so as not to offend anybody.

The surprising move was announced via a campus-wide email sent to students and faculty by Hampshire College president Jonathan Lash, according to Inside Higher Ed.

Lash first explained the school’s policy of allowing the flag to be flown at half-staff for a variety of reasons, and expressed hope that there would be a fruitful “dialogue” about the flag and its meaning and why it should be present on campus, all the while being respectful of diverse opinions on the matter.

Instead, it seemed as though all they did was tick off all sides of the debate, prompting the college to simply remove the flag, as if that would end it and make everyone happy.

“Unfortunately, our efforts to inclusively convey respect and sorrow have had the opposite effect,” wrote Lash. “We have heard from many on our campus as well as from neighbors in the region that by flying the flag at half-staff we are actually causing hurt, distress and insult.”

“Our decision has been seen as disrespectful of the traditional expression of national mourning and has been especially painful to our Hampshire colleagues who are veterans or families of veterans,” he continued. “Some have perceived the action of lowering the flag as a commentary on the results of the presidential election — this, unequivocally, was not our intent.”

“After some preliminary consultation with campus constituents (we understand much more is needed), we have decided that we will not fly the U.S. flag or any other flags at Hampshire for the time being,” Lash added. “We hope this will enable us to instead focus our efforts on addressing racist, misogynistic, Islamophobic, anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic and anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and behaviors.”

This is simply absurd, that a college campus in America would refuse to fly an American flag simply because a group of students don’t appreciate or celebrate the meaning and symbolism behind it.

Once again the forces of anti-Americanism have scored a win among the weak-kneed liberal elites who populate college and university campuses and who display disdain for our country, the flag that represents it and the men and women who sacrificed on its behalf.

Hopefully, the alumni and boosters of Hampshire College will let the faculty know unequivocally that the American flag had better be hoisted back to its proper place ASAP, unless they would like to make do with significantly less funding and support.

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(via: Conservative Tribune)

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