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News Station Research Shows Over 50% Of Arrested Anti-Trump Protestors Never Even Voted

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More than 50 percent of the anti-Trump protesters arrested in Portland, Oregon, in the days following the election did not bother to vote.

A search of state election records was conducted by a Portland television station which reported that of the 112 protesters that were arrested, 69 of them could not be found to have turned in a ballot or were not registered to vote in the Beaver State.

The local NBC affiliate in Portland took the names and ages of those arrested to Multnomah County election officials who did a search on the state’s voter files, reportedKGW-NBC.

Only 25 of those arrested voted in 2016 in the state.

As of the remaining 17 arrested by the Portland Police Bureau, KGW reported that it is still trying to verify their voting records.

One of the protesters who was arrested said she recently moved to Washington State and voted there. She received an Oregon ballot by mail but did not use it to vote, the local network reported.

Breitbart News reported on November 13 that police arrested 20 more people in the fifth consecutive day of rioting. Leftist protesters have taken to the streets to protest election results after Republican Donald Trump was elected on Tuesday, November 8. Protesters have used bricks and rocks to assault law enforcement officers working to maintain order.

The mayor of the city, Charlie Hales, was reported to say, “I’m really heartsick that our local small businesses who had no culpability in what happened in this election, far from it, have been harmed by people that just wanted to exploit the protest to raise hell.”

Portland Police Chief Mike Marshman said, “I don’t think they’re out there to protest. I think they’re out there to battle the police.” He added, “We’re taking rocks and bottles and flares.”

(via: Breitbart)

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