High School Students STAGE TRUMP ASSASSINATION and it’s OK. Try This On Obama And It’s RACIST

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Students of a San Antonio high school staged a mock Donald Trump assassination skit and set the world on fire for several reasons. It’s reported that the students and teacher were reprimanded.

I don’t agree with the reprimanding because we fought so hard for free speech, so I can’t knock them on what they did because it makes me a hypocrite of free speech. The CAN say whatever they want and if I don’t agree with it, then that’s my problem. We do not have to agree with everything that everyone says.

However, the students were promoting violence and the assassination of a real person, a President elect, so that might warrant some sort of domestic violence or conspiracy charges (doubtful), yet should not be permitted in a high school setting. At the very least, a slap on the wrist at school is in order.

The other factor is that if any students did this with Obama, then the leftist media outlets and liberals everywhere would call the students racist. Even if the kids were black, they would get called racists because Obama is black. Even if the students did this with Obama, and were not racist in anyway in their entire life, they would be labeled as a racist by the inability of the leftists to determine a real racist and their lust to call everyone a bigot.

So here, I’ll post a picture of an assassinated Obama for them. They can call me a bigot, racist, whatever they want. It’s just a picture of a hypothetical and fictional situation that revolves around the question of “what if” and not “when I do” – because I wouldn’t and I don’t think anyone ever will, which is a good thing. People shouldn’t do that unless they want to find themselves with four hots and a cot.


If you’re a leftists reading this, then allow me to remind you that the above picture is completely fake and found on Google image search.

Here’s the real story about the high school students who faked Trump’s assassination.


Heavy – Two 10th graders at a San Antonio High School are under fire for staging a mock assassination of President Elect Donald Trump.

According to San, the students called the skit, which they performed in an English class, “The Assassination of Donald Trump.”

“One of the boys made a gunfire sound effect with his cell phone as the other boy, portraying Trump, fell to the ground in mock death,” wrote the newspaper.

The student at San Antonio’s Marshall High School who was “shot” was even dressed as Trump, said Fox News.

The students and teacher were reprimanded for the skit, but some are calling for them to face stiffer discipline, including at least suspension.

I say let the kids off the hook with a slap on the wrist. They’re just kids and as long as they don’t actually believe in this nonsense, then they’ll be fine.

If they’re liberals or democrats, then never mind. Expel them. If they don’t learn a lesson now, then they’ll be crying in the corner when they go to college and I’m tired of seeing all these losers crying when they should be partying.

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