Democrats ‘Protest’ Trump Victory The Only Way They Know How – Setting Fires and Rioting

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President-elect Donald Trump had refused during the general election to comment on whether he would be willing to concede the race to Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton, causing many Democrats to worry about civil unrest.

Well, the sun rose on a very changed America on Wednesday. Trump handily won the presidency, and now it appears that some Democrats were the ones who were causing civil unrest because they weren’t happy that Trump won, the Los Angeles Times reported.

After Trump was declared the winner, protests broke out in California, and naturally they turned violent. Cars were set on fire, rocks were thrown and people otherwise acted like a bunch of animals.

Stores were also vandalized, people were hurt and crowds chanted that Trump wasn’t their president. Unsurprisingly, the mainstream media have barely mentioned these protests although, granted, they did involve only a very small minority of Democrats.


Now, if it were a group of Republicans protesting a President-elect Hillary Clinton (we’re confident you’ll never have to see that phrase again), we would never hear the end of it, no matter how small the contingent was.

All some Democrats know how to do is riot and cause destruction when they don’t get their way. Protests and violence are common in Third World countries after elections, but this is the United States of America, and we’re not supposed to do this sort of garbage. In America, after you lose an election to the opposing candidate, you’re supposed accept it and move on.


These liberals need to recognize that Trump won fair and square, just as most of their fellow leftists have done. What they need to do now is accept these results and agree to work with President Trump to move this country forward.

Part of the reason Trump won was that Americans were sick and tired of seeing politicians refuse to compromise and work across the aisle. Trump has promised to do that, and Democrats would be wise to reciprocate.

(via: Conservative Tribune)

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