RNC Turns On Trump, Looking To REPLACE Him Only Days Before Election!

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Ever since Donald Trump entered the presidential race, the Republican establishment has been firmly against him because they know they will never be able to control him. Now, just days before the election, the RNC has made one final move to try and ensure Trump loses.

This proves once again that Trump is the ultimate underdog in this race.

It has been a tumultuous month for Donald Trump. Americans were outraged with the Republican candidate after an audio tape leaked of him talking about women in a lewd manner. Since then, many women have come forward with accusations of assault.

Supporters of the legendary businessman fear the future of his presidential campaign is in jeopardy if he cannot regain the support of women voters.

To top things off, the GOP establishment is reportedly considering using the controversy as a reason to drop Trump for good.

Major GOP donors have been dumping their support of Donald Trump and are rumored to be seeking a new GOP candidate for the race. RNC officials have been meeting to discuss the future of the candidacy.

At this point, nothing is certain. This is uncharted water for a presidential race, especially this late in the game. Perhaps the only thing the GOP can agree on at this point is that Hillary Clinton needs to be kept far away from the White House.

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(via: WebDaily)

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