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Should These Men Who Brutally Raped a 9-Year-Old Girl Get The DEATH PENALTY?

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These four thugs gang raped a 9-year-old girl while her mother was smoking methamphetamine in a garage with a friend.

Ok, I should NOT have to ask this question? Worse yet – there should NOT be ANYONE who thinks these thugs deserve anything less than prison, let alone the death penalty. This young child is scarred for life – emotionally and physically! She will NEVER be the same innocent child. These scumbags have robbed that innocence from her. They are worse than fleas on dogs! These are some SICK dudes to say the least!

The four men were booked into jail on felony charges.

According to a statement of probable cause filed March 30, the alleged assault occurred Easter Sunday at a home in Vernal.

These four thugs gang raped a 9-year-old girl while her mother was smoking methamphetamine in a garage with a friend.

The 9-year-old victim was with her mother at that home, where the mother was hanging out with a friend she met while incarcerated in jail. As the 9-year-old girl slept on the couch, her mother and that friend agreed to go into the garage and get high on methamphetamine.

When the mother returned, her daughter was on the couch but her clothes were in disarray and she seemed upset and wanted to go home. The next day, the girl reported that four men inside the home had taken her into a bedroom before taking turns raping her and then sodomizing her.

The girl reported that while one of the men was raping her, he told her he would kill her if she ever told anyone about what was happening.

The girl’s mother notified police, who responded to the home. One of the four alleged rapists was identified by the victim from a photograph, and 36-year-old Larson James RonDeau was taken into custody.

According to a press release from the Uintah County Sheriff’s Office issued Sunday, the other three men accused of the rape were arrested March 31 and April 1. Those men are 20-year-old Josiah RonDeau, 29-year-old Jerry Flatlip, and 26-year-old Randall Flatlip.

I kind of agree with the grandmother, who stated:

“I want hard-core punishment for what they have done to this child, because that shouldn’t happen to anybody.”

You got that right! How would these scumbags like to go to jail and be gang raped by a few other men from their own jail cell? I can tell you this. Those that are in the same jail and know about it, won’t take kindly to child rapists!

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